Wednesday, December 07, 2005


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i was up for a job storyboarding on a commercial for debeers. i was really excited - the director, anthony hoffman, is a great commercial shooter. he has a real keen eye, adn im a fan.

anyway, it was the night before i went in for the gig, and i hurried to do some boards that would reflect a cleaner line as well as showcase my ability to frame an image.

like i said it was a debeers campaign, and it was about a man who had to go to extrordinary lengths to give his wife a diamond. so i drew a rough board where a young couple was seen outside a dumpster, and the man was climing in. after a close shot of the girl, looking worried, we dissolved to a flashback of her removing the ring and accidentally tossing the thing into the trash along with vegetable cuttings.

so our hero must root through the refuse until he finds the thing, and, after climbing out, he kneels down and proposes to her anew.

well, the thing is, you cant really show a trash bin in a commercial, or any of that other stuff. i thought it was about what youd go through for love, but its just. not. done.

my girlfriend was HORRIFIED i was drawing a bunch of garbage and what all. so i altered a few panels - the sequence became a young man climbing into an abandoned airplane, finding some military paraphenelia, etc. my girlfriend was so angry at that point she refused to even consider the altered drawings - she was the one bringing my art in to the company - and they got left out of the pack.

anyway, i found them today, and i think theyre fine - not the worlds best storyboards by any means, but pretty far from the worst - so im posting them.

after the campaign runs ill blog the drawings i did for the spot. i did about 60 panels in 24 hours - so the "clean line" idea went out the window - but i was thrilled to work with anthony.


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