Friday, November 03, 2006


Originally uploaded by danyboom.
develpoment art for a poster.


Phil said...

right on danny. who's this mcleod kid? speaking of boxing, i was in line for borat last night and hillary swank was right in front of me and I held her spot while she got a slice of pizza

dany boom said...

mcleod is a quebec comedian, im told. he has one really small hand, and i have to make sure to push that. this was just a mickup - ill find out if i get the job today ... theres a problem with the size of the girl - look at her shoulders in relation to teh top rope. shes like 4 feet tall. might be able to make an adjustment in the staging, but i like the low angle...

two time oscar winner hillary swank ! were you in manhattan ? pretty cool. i want to see borat very much. i didnt realize some of the clips i saw altready were from the movie - that lessons in manners was fall down funny.

good to hear from you ( again )